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Open Door Policy

We encourage you to visit us at anytime during the day. Come down and see one our friendly staff and we will give you a thorough tour and supply you with an enrolment pack.


  • The staff and management have a variety of qualifications and experience in early childhood.

  • A fully qualified Early Childhood Educator is working in the centre during all operating hours.

  • Please feel free to talk about any aspects of your child’s day with any of our Edu-carers.


  • It is good practice for early childhood centres to have written policies and it is also a Ministry requirement.

  • We encourage parent input into our polices, which are reviewed regularly and displayed within our centre for you to read.

  • As a responsible childcare centre we have policies that ensure the staff and management have clear guidelines to work by.

Learning Programme

  • Our learning programme is based on the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki. All staff use this programme.

  • Children are encouraged to explore the centre’s environment and choose areas they want to participate in.

  • All staff work alongside children to facilitate their choices and extend their play and learning.

  • All children will have individual profiles. These are observations completed on children, which are recorded of their development during their time at the centre.

  • Mat times with music, books, rhymes and games are part of the centre’s day and while being enjoyable, they also help to build up each child’s attention span and to introduce them to being part of a group.

What to Bring:


  • Please dress your child in clothing appropriate to the session, clothes that children are happy to explore activities in without worrying too much about staying clean.

  • We do provide aprons, but don’t cover everything. Please name clothes, shoes, jackets and hats.

  • Please send along another change of clothes.


  • Children are required to wear hats that protect the face, neck and ears whenever they are outside.

  • If children do not bring their hats they will be required to stay inside.


  • Morning and afternoon teas are provided, but children bring their own lunch and drink in named containers.

  • We have a fridge for storing food and a microwave for heating food

We try to encourage healthy eating please refrain from putting the following foods into your child’s lunchbox.

  • Burger rings, Cheezels, Twisties, Rashens, Fizzy drinks, sweets, peanuts. (Popcorn and glass bottles can be dangerous).


  • Children in nappies should be provided with adequate nappies for the time they are at the centre.

  • We will place a reminder note on your child’s bag when they are running low.


  • If your child needs medication during the day, this must be recorded in the medication book.

  • Medication cannot be given without parent’s/caregiver’s permission.


Settling Procedure

  • Parents are very welcome to visit the centre with their child/children. The centre has an open door policy and parents are welcome to come into the centre at anytime.

  • While visiting the centre, the care of your child/children is entirely your responsibility.

  • As all children are individuals, settling your child may take a while or only a short time.

It is nice for the children to spend time at the Centre with their parents/caregivers if possible, before they actually start for the child to familiarise themselves with their new environment and teachers, within the comfort of their parents/caregivers. This time is important as they are learning to trust others.

In the morning try to get to the centre a little earlier so you can spend a few minutes playing with them before you go. Tell them what you are going to do and then stick to your plans. Make a point of saying GOOD BYE as it is important that the child knows that their parents/caregivers have gone but will be back to pick them up. Again this involves trust. Please feel free to give us call at any time to see how they are settling in.

Signing In And Out

  • It is a Ministry requirement that we have a record of all children’s attendance each day. Please always sign your child in and out of the centre.

  • Anything of a confidential matter can be addressed to the Director or Supervisor.


  • Please inform staff if your child is to have a sleep. We have mattresses and sleeping blankets available and cots for the younger children.

  • If your child has a special toy or cuddly they wish to sleep with, please leave these in their bag and we will collect them at sleep time.

Walks And Outings

  • Regular walks will be included in the centre’s programme.

  • We encourage children to use road safety and to listen carefully to instructions. This is a good opportunity for children to learn about their environment and community.


  • You are encouraged to collect your child’s artwork from the box. This can be taken home to admire and passed on to grandparents, whanau, etc. Paintings also make great wrapping paper.

Centre Safety

  • Please remember to shut the gate securely behind you!!!!!!!


  • The centre is required by law to keep an immunisation register that details every attending child’s immunisation information.

  • To verify this information you will be asked to show your child’s immunisation certificate.

  • Children who are not immunised may be excluded from the centre by a health officer should there be an outbreak of disease.

Fire / Emergency Drills

  • Staff will carry these out regularly. These are practised so children and the staff are prepared in case of an emergency.


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