Matariki Celebrations

This month in Transition to School we decided to focus on Matariki to further expand the children's knowledge as well as our own. Matariki – the Māori New Year is a time to celebrate, and a time to come together! 

Throughout the month we planned several activities such as; flax cutting and weaving, various activities specific to the meaning of the celebrations such as; creating a series of posters specific to each star in the Matariki cluster, and cooking a hangi with the children/tamariki. 

Throughout the month the children/tamariki worked both independently and collaboratively to create posters and weavings, and relished in contributing to the preparation and cooking of our hangi.

As a close connection between family/whanau and the centre is an integral component of our Teaching Philosophy and the essence of Matariki, we extended our invite for our parents/whanau to join us at lunch for our hangi. 

Throughout the celebrations the children experimented with different ideas, tools and materials which fostered their creative confidence and supported their developing fine motor skills. They also had the opportunity to learn about the stories and symbols of the Maori culture specific to Matariki.


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