A hangi at Pukaki Street

CCQE Pukuatua were kindly invited by Pukaki Street to join them in a Hangi lunch to carry on with our Matariki celebrations. Throughout the week we talked with the children about how we were going to go and visit the other centre and have a Hangi with them for lunch. During the week we read Tane and the stars, and had several discussions about Matariki to encourage and support the children's understanding, and to help them to connect the links between our visit and Matariki. Through making these connections the children were able to develop a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s cultural heritage.

The tamariki were very excited this morning as we prepared to head over to the other centre, asking questions and initiating discussions about the hangi. Upon our arrival one of the children noticed the Hangi steam box outside. Some of the other children saw this too and came over to investigate. We talked about the lovely aroma we could smell as the hangi cooked, and how it was very hot! It was awesome for the children to be able to observe how their kai was being cooked.

Once the hangi was ready we washed our hands, and the tamariki found their seats at the table with all the other children. Together we said karakia, and then the hangi was served. There was chicken, potato, pumpkin, kumara, stuffing, and fry bread, an appetising selection of yummy goodness. I was really impressed that you all tried everything on your plates, although the fry bread and chicken was the obvious favourite among the children!

With full little bellies it was time to head back to Pukuatua.. What a fantastic trip tamariki ma, thank you for using your lovely manners, and being your delightful selves.

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