Easter Cooking!

This week for Transition to School we work together creating lots of different Easter treats. We started with egg icing biscuits. This took great concentration as the children had to very carefully add their icing onto each biscuit. The next day we worked on making Easter chocolates to share we our families. This is always an exciting activity and one that has become a tradition at holiday celebration times. The children have to concentrate really hard when trying to sprinkle in the 100's and 1000's as they do tend to rush out. Likewise when carefully spooning the chocolate into the moulds the children were extremely focused. Cooking with the children is an excellent activity to develop self esteem and an increased sense of autonomy as they develop and learn practical life skills. The children also further develop relationship skills through turn taking, sharing past knowledge through discussion around similar experiences and also taking the opportunity to be the teacher and show case their leadership skills. Lastly we worked together to make hot cross buns. This activity introduces science concepts such as how ingredients like yeast interacts with other ingredients. Also learning about the relevance of maths in real life e.g measurements, and quantities. Likewise, using tools and equipment that support those measurements promote literacy and numeracy as children make sense of symbols representing information, and through systematically following a recipe. Our last effort was the hot cross buns and in some ways this was the most challenging as we had to wait throughout the recipe for the yeast to do it's thing. The children discussed this process learning terms like active ingredients and dry ingredients. They listened well and work so fabulously all week long. They enjoyed all the hands on aspects of these activities and they really enjoyed all the end results. Ka pai to mahi my friends. Yummy yummy hot cross buns

What learning do I think is happening here?

The children are learning basic math concept and also literacy skills as the learn to read from a recipe. They learning to manage tools and equipment that supports and further develops hand and eye co ordination. They are being introduced to science concepts and developing concentration as instructions are being followed. However, perhaps best of all the children are developing relationships and building on friendships as they work as a group and then provide and share with everyone at kai times.

Parents Voice
Jo McCormick
commented on 28/04/2017

Looks amazing, and it really looks like you had a lot of engagement and fun there too.  Bet everything tasted great - looking forward to more baking activities and seeing more pictures of the children in this great transition class.  Well done Tracey, can only imagine the organisation and co-ordination that went into these activities for our children.

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